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Obama- сhanger?

Has read through comments to questions . Guys well write. But me interests itself Obama.
Every spring, when warm weather is settled, after long colds, in the street there are people without jackets, in light shirts. They the first remove jackets.
And every spring this picture repeats. The behaviour of these people remains constant from year to year.
Obama. enters into this group?
And the second question.
Whether people worked with Obama.can to tell: « In work and in life Obama.sees what others do not see? »
The small explanation.
All a life worked at big factories. At each factory occasionally there is a surprising phenomenon. The shop or division starts to develop swiftly and solves problems, before years not solved. Practically without additional financing.. I closely studied all these cases. Always in the head of division there was a person of the certain type.
Questions my simple.
Everyone knows, people are divided under the attitude to alcohol, women, cats, fishing, football. In relation to development, people differ from each other, too.
Come on any basketball match and you will see there guys of the certain type. Basketball players.
Come on competition weight-lifters and there you will see guys of the certain type. Weight-lifters.
There, where basketball, there basketball players.
There, where a bar, there weight-lifters .
There, where happens development -in the head, the person of development - changers and keepers stand. I could investigate the chief of succeeding shop. Here he beside with me. And to compare his qualities, to world known reformers. And they are described full enough.
When these people to rise in the head of the states, the civilization human receives a powerful impulse . The examples- Cromwell, Lenin, Stalin.
Cromwell - changer.
Stalin and Lenin - keepers.
Powerful development demands a combination in the head of the project of two opposite types the person of development, the keeper and the changer .
In the head of Russia such configuration today is built.
Medvedev - the keeper.
Putin-weak changer., because late.
If America today in 2008 has problems. To her is necessary the changer.
My grandfather named. twelve distinctive qualities changer. The main thing without which changer does not happen. To see that others do not see.
And jacket -this desire of changes, which is an essence of their nature.
Here my questions to Майкфолу.
Obama. in the company the first removes winter clothes?
About him it is possible to tell, he sees that, what do others do not see?
If it so, then Obama. -CHANGER. In Russian -changer. Чейнжер.

And America has a chance.
It would be interesting to hear the answer.


I have 2 questions?

1.Have you got answers to your 3.y.o. questions about Obama?
2.Do you realize that your english grammar kind of "questionable"?

I am trying to find appropriate words without insulting you.
I understood whatever you wrote, because I am russian, but I have serious doubts that native speaker can comprehend your writing.
I have no doubt.
I know for sure.
We understand the other person only in one case.
When we want to understand it.
Такого уровня "pigeon english" редко можно встретить даже в Индии.

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